Take Away Menu leaf

NB: This is an example of a Sultans Kitchen take-away menu.
Dishes and availability may vary slightly


Sultan’s Mix (for 2) ---------------------------------------------------
An assortment of starters for the undecided
Meat / Veg Samosas (3 pcs.) --------------------------------------
Special pastry triangles filled with spiced mince /vegetables
Onion Pakora’s -------------------------------------------------------
Onion rings dipped in a spicy chickpea batter
and fried golden brown
Seekh Kebab-------------------------------------------------------
Prime minced lamb in herbs and spices barbequed
in the Tandoori oven
Chelo Kebab--------------------------------------------------------
Tender diced Lamb fillets marinated and grilled in the tandoor
Chicken Tikka --------------------------------------------------------
Boneless chicken dipped in a gentle blend of spices
then baked in charcoal
Chicken Pakoras -----------------------------------------------------
Tender fillets dipped in spicy chickpea batter and deep fried
Prawn Pakora’s ------------------------------------------------------
Green Prawns in spicy chick pea batter and deep fried
Chilli Prawn Goa chilli----------------------------------------------------
Green prawns sautéed and simmered in a sweet chilli / spice blend


Main Meals

Fish Bengali -----------------------------------------------------------
Fish fillets simmered in a coconut cream,
tomato and onion curry sauce
Prawn Masala ---------------------------------------------------------
Shelled green prawns cooked in a coconut cream curry sauce
Chilli Prawn Goa chilli---------------------------------------------
Green Prawns in fresh garlic, sweet/chilli and spice gravy
Tandoori Platter ------------------------------------------------------
Succulent mixed grill from the charcoal oven
Butter Chicken --------------------------------------------------------
Chicken fillets in a mild, smooth and creamy sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala -------------------------------------------------
Boneless chicken in a mild and sweet sauce
Mushroom Chicken ----------------------------------------------------
A chicken and mushroom speciality
Chicken Alu ------------------------------------------------------------
A mild chicken curry with potatoes
Mango Chicken --------------------------------------------------------
Chicken fillets in a mild and tropical mango curry sauce
Tandoori Chicken ------------------------------------------------------
Tender whole spring chicken dipped in spices then barbecued
Saagwala --------------------------------------------------------------
Lamb, Beef or Chicken fillets in a spinach puree sauce
Lamb Korma -----------------------------------------------------------
A popular north Indian mild curry
Lamb Rogan Josh -----------------------------------------------------
A standard lamb curry with a hint of chilli
Vindaloo chillichilli (Beef, Lamb or Chicken) ------------------------------
A hot south Indian classic cooked in coconut vinegar
and chilli paste
Beef Sultan ------------------------------------------------------------
Your standard beef curry cooked to perfection
Beef Nisha -------------------------------------------------------------
Choice tender pieces of beef cooked in sweet nutty sauce


Vegetarian Main Meals

Alu Palak --------------------------------------------------------------
A popular spinach and potato delicacy
Palak Paneer ----------------------------------------------------------
A spinach curry with deep-fried Indian cheese
Mixed Vegetables -----------------------------------------------------
Vegetables in season tempered in a mild curry sauce
Dhal Masala -----------------------------------------------------------
This lentil classic is India’s No.1 vegetarian meal
Mushroom Sabzi -------------------------------------------------------
Mushrooms stir-fried in spices then stirred in a mild curry sauce
Eggplant Curry --------------------------------------------------------
A vegetarian standard with a Southern influence
Dhal Palak -------------------------------------------------------------
Lentils done in a spinach puree


Breads and Accompaniments

Naan (White) --------------------------------------------------
Unleaven Indian bread baked in the wood-fired oven
Roti (Wholemeal) ----------------------------------------------
A crispy unleaven Indian bread baked in the wood-fired oven
Masala Paratha ------------------------------------------------
Stone ground bread layered with spicy potato filling
Naan Amini ----------------------------------------------------
A white bread filled with spinach and cheese
Chicken’n’Chilli Naan -------------------------------------------
Minced chicken, olives and chilli
Garlic Naan ----------------------------------------------------
Unleaven white bread layered with Garlic
Cheese Naan --------------------------------------------------
A popular bread layered with Cheese
Kashmiri Naan -------------------------------------------------
A bread made with fruit and nuts
Mince Naan ----------------------------------------------------
A bread filled with spicy mince
Chilli Naan -----------------------------------------------------
A hot chilli layered bread for those that enjoy pain
Pappadams (4pcs.) ----------------------------------------------------- $3.00
Raita ----------------------------------------------------------
A cooling cucumber and yoghurt side-dish

Indian Salad ---------------------------------------------------
Tomato, Herb and Onion Salad

Mango Chutney --------------------------------------------------------- $3.95
Mixed Pickle ------------------------------------------------------------- $3.95
Lime Pickle -------------------------------------------------------------- $3.95