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The Sultan's Kitchen Indian restaurant opened its doors in early May 1983 as a humble BYO at the Toowong-end of Milton Road.

Twenty-two years on, it has grown and expanded into Brisbane's most acclaimed and awarded Indian restaurant. The restaurants' cuisine remains classic Indian yet creative and reflects the different regions of the Indian continent.


Authenitic Indian Cuisine

The food of ancient India was almost exclusively vegetarian, but with each successive foreign invasion, among whom were the Persians, the Mongols, the Portuguese and the British, meat and different cooking styles were gradually introduced and were adapted to the local cuisine.

As is often the case in life, the introduction of a foreign element revitalised and strengthened the existing tradition.

The food prepared at the Sultan's Kitchen is a reflection of this process.

Combining popular Indian Restaurant signature dishes such as Lamb Korma and Chicken Tikka Masala, and more innovative and much imitated favourites such as gosht nisha and Chilli Prawn Goa, the menu reflects the kaleidoscope of culture and influences that have shaped modern India.